Software Development

Do you need skilled people to create, maintain, and run parts of your software? We love to create sustainable software that we can take charge of and use our knowledge to create great solutions for your domain.

We are not a consulting company

We are a growing team with a great expertise in agile software development. Instead of borrowing people, we develop and run parts of products to help other companies scale and accomplish every goal on the list.


We have been creating state of the art software for over 10 years. We've created and leveraged innovative AI products. Additionally, we create and run software for more than a million customers that serve more than thousands of requests per second.


We create extendable software to be able to adapt to sudden changes and requirements. We achieve this by using different layers of tests, continuous deployments, and data-driven decisions.

Cloud First

You don't want to reinvent the wheel. We keep up with innovations and use modern technologies to fulfill requirements quickly and reliably. But also to scale dynamically without being forced into a vendor lock-in.

We see the big picture

Software development has changed substantially in the last 10 years. The available managed services and published libraries have grown exponentially. Additionally, teams that create software with state of the art tools are rare. We double down here and invest in talented people the live in Dresden, Germany, give them responsibility, and create sustainable software worldwide.

Work with us

Tell us about you and your goals. We are happy to answer all questions and appreciate every feedback. We will respond get back to you within a couple of hours.