AI Training

At a first glance, AI seems very complex because of a a lot of unknown concepts and a very academic community. We help you to understand and apply AI by building up basic concepts of software engineering so as to be able to apply them as fast as possible.

Our Coaching

Methods like neuronal networks and decision trees will be introduced and used to train models for text, pictures, and tabular data.


Topics will be selected to fulfill the need for companies and each participant as best as possible.


Practicing AI concepts is our core approach to teaching AI methods. Each participant will solve and discuss many exercises to get a good sense of how to apply machine learning.

Expert Knowledge

Our coaches love to share experiences from many fields like AI, but also other relevant areas like software engineering, data science and architecture.

AI is just computer science

We build upon basic computer science and software engineering concepts. Every developer and domain expert is able to understand and apply state of the art AI-based approaches. We empower you by breaking down AI methods into understandable parts, allow you to practice them and compose them later enabling your business to create innovative solutions for your domain.

Work with us

Tell us about you and your goals. We are happy to answer all questions and appreciate every feedback. We will respond get back to you within a couple of hours.