Passionate Software Development

We create and run software for our own and for other companies. We combine our know-how with innovation to create and run products as efficiently and as reliably as possible.

We Love Software

We combine professional software development with passion. Today, creating software means keeping up with innovations and continuously improving known techniques.


There are many solutions for problems especially in software engineering. We leverage diverse people to come up with elegant, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Professional Methods

We use agile methods and continuously improve our processes. Additionally, we use techniques like event storming to get valuable insights into domains to create software that maps as best as possible to the underlying business.

Maturity of Software

Software is can be very complex and very different. We combine our stable computer science know-how with innovative technologies to create scalable and reliable products.

Here is our team


Sebastian Barthel

Experiences creating solutions for big companies in combination with being a technology enthusiasts for more than 15 years enables me to create sustainable software for everybody world wide.

Work with us

Tell us about you and your goals. We are happy to answer all questions and appreciate every feedback. We will respond get back to you within a couple of hours.